Airtel 3G Internet Sachet plans Tariffs

Airtel 3G Internet Sachet plans Tariffs | 3G internet FlexiShield plan and Volume based charging plans offered by Airtel
Airtel 3G Internet
Airtel is offering different types of plans in 3G services to suit the necessities of different users. They include Sachet plans, Standard plans, Flexi Shield plans and others. Let us know more about them.

Plan 1:

Sachet plan of Rs. 9 MRP will be providing the free data of 10 MB and comes with a validity of 1 day.

Plan 2:

Sachet plan of MRP Rs. 60 provides 65 MB of free data and offers a validity of 3 days. After the exhaust of free data usage, charges of 30 paisa per 20 kb will apply.

Plan 3:

Standard plans of Rs. 103 MRP have 30 days validity and it offers 100 MB of free data usage.

Plan 4:

Standard plans of Rs. 200 MRP provide 250 MB free data usage and have 30 days validity.

Plan 5:

Rs.450 priced standard plan offers free data usage of 600 MB and has validity of 30 days.

Plan 6:

Rs. 750 priced standard plan is having validity of 30 days and comes with free data usage of 2GB. All these standard plans charge 30 paisa per 20 kb after the completion of free data usage.

Plan 7:

Coming to FlexiShield plan, MRP is given as Rs. 675. It offers free data usage of Rs. 1.25GB. After the completion of given 1.25 GB free data, VBC of 1 paisa per 100 kb will apply. These charges apply till the maximum shield amount of Rs.2,000 is reached. After that, users can enjoy 20kbps speed of unlimited browsing for free. It will be having validity of 30 days. This plan provides scope for those who want to get started with low rental packages and to pay according to the usage.

Plan 8:

Let us know about Volume based charging plans from Airtel. Prepaid 3G value plan is priced at Rs. 13 and has validity of 20 days. It will not provide free data usage, and the charges are given as 15 paisa per 20 kb.

Plan 9:

Postpaid value plan is having MRP of Rs. 20 which provides zero free data usage. It has validity of 30 days and it charges 15 paisa per 20 kb.

Plan 10:

Pay As You Go Plan charges 30 paisa per 20 kb. Video call facility is provided for 5 paisa per sec and is valid on roaming, STD and local calls.

For subscribing to Airtel 3G internet services, customers can make a call to 12134 or can SMS 3G to 121.

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